Sep. 7th, 2009

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The second draft is 20% complete! Woot!

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It's taken about a month to do the Photoshopping of Section 1. Some images were really easy - just tweaking the color or replacing the one person who had their eyes closed with themselves from a different photo. The hoverbike photos on the other hand were a real pain. I'll probably still have to fiddle with them later on as my standards rise. I've left the hardest 4 images (the beheading scene) for last; that's what I'll be working on this week.

One exciting development is that it's now apparently been long enough since I took these photos that I can appreciate them. There's always some unpredictable amount of time after taking photos that I can't bear to look at them. In those early days I can only see the differences between what I intended and what I got; I think the errors blind me to what's actually there. Thankfully, I seem to have moved past that time on these Gawain photos. Everyone in the cast looks gorgeous to me again and the colors have gone back to looking awesome rather than silly. Yay!
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Anyone going to TedMed or Bil:Pil?

TedMed looks cool but too expensive (and my company's not likely to pay for it). Bil:Pil is much more affordable, but I'm not sure what to expect. I worry it's a little more fringe than I like my medicine, but it also has the possibility to be really cool. Hmmm, maybe my actual worry is less about fringe-ness and more about my impression that the conference will focus on health rather than medicine. I'm not even quite sure what I mean by that ... perhaps 'health' is what I'd call the focus on individual lifestyle habit sort of things, which are cool but not what I'm looking for. 'Medicine' is even harder to define ... I make gadgets for doctors, so that's where I'm focused ... either on gadgety stuff itself or on the kinds of health issues where gadgets could be applied.

ETA: looks like the TedMed site is down now ... in the meantime there's Google
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Just chiming in with some links:

Ten Steps to a Perfect Fanstorm: a concise overview in case you're just tuning in

There are many people contributing awesome, intelligent commentary on the issue. I've especially enjoyed:

[ profile] slashpine
I have admired her comments in many of the discussion threads and the post "Ogi apologizes by insulting fandom some MOAR" (a detailed analysis of Ogas' nopology) was utterly fascinating.

[ profile] neededalj
I love it when people can talk about complex, specialized knowledge in an accessible way. I found "Why Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam Are Phrenologists" and the follow-up essays a joy to read.

Want to read more? I'm following along with the discussion via the linkspam daily roundups

In all the previous WhateverFail discussions fandom has had over the past year I always mean to say something and never quite get around to it. I figured a late signal boost was at least better than continued silence.