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It's been a while since my last update on the Gawain project. We've slowed down a lot now that principal photography is done, but there are still some photos left to take. At last night's production meeting we had a robot making session. We managed to turn out 22 robots in just under three hours. Big thanks to the robot-making crew for staying so long on a week-night!

The robots will be used in the frame story: the whole book is a story being told by one robot to an audience of a bunch of other robots. And of course we had to make them all girl robots as a shout-out to slash fandom. :)

I set up the camera to take photos of us every five minutes for a fun time-lapse effect. The angle wasn't a great one for actually seeing what we were doing, but it's nevertheless cool to see the slowly growing pile of robots on the counter behind us. My goal for next week is to build the set and take the photo we'll use in the book. Whee!

Click through to the gallery!
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