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Escapade is coming up fast … the end of February is just a little over three months away! That means it's time to start planning the magnificent fanart you'll be bringing to the Art Show! The Escapade art show is a place to share and celebrate fannish and fannish-related art, crafts, merchandise, and other items. Beginner or expert, traditional or new media, all kinds of fan-made art are welcome!

We welcome original art, resales from your collection, prints and computer-generated art, 3D pieces, non-art items of fannish interest, and pretty much anything else that seems appropriate. We've got a new hotel this year and it seems like a good time to get experimental with the Art Show. Some of the ideas being tossed around are:

* digital display: an increasing amount of fanworks these days are entirely digital (gif-sets are awesome!); it would be super fun to experiment with ways to effectively display entirely digital works in the show (maybe a digital photo frame? or an iPad?). Anyway, give us some advance notice if you've got digital art to submit and we'll figure something out!!

* county fair: quilts, baked goods, preserves, flower arrangements, dioramas … these are all the things I used to love about my small-town county fair art show growing up and I'd love to see some of the same spirit in our fannish art show! I loved that it wasn't about being experts but rather about the community coming together to show off a little bit and just share with each other for fun. I'm not sure exactly what a fannish pie or jar of canned peaches would look like, but I believe in the never-ending ingenuity of fans!

* premieres: with the advent of this new-fangled internet thing, fan art is easier to share than ever. So why even come to a con art show with all of tumblr/deviantart/etc at your fingertips? Premieres! We'll be reserving a special section for new work - possibly even decorate it all fancy … you know, maybe a special table cloth or possibly a cheesy banner … the sky's the limit! ;) Anyway, it's be cool to somehow recognize fanworks that are being shown for the first time at the con … or maybe works that have been created within the past year … we'll probably play it by ear and see how it goes, so, you know … flexible. Anyway, see it here first! Woo!

* alternatives to traditional flat art: for most of us, wall-space for hanging fan art is limited, so art that can be enjoyed in other ways is pretty exciting. Notecards, bookmarks, mugs, Kindle covers, laptop cozies … these are all cool and practical canvases for art! Get creative!

Mostly, I'd really like to see people take the kinds of things you make already (recipe books, underwater woven baskets, crayon drawings on the back of cocktail napkins, whatever!) and adding a fannish twist. Everybody can make art! Everybody should make art! (and then submit it to the art show! woo!)

and on that note, here's some more encouragement! Enjoy!

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Date: 2013-11-18 06:13 am (UTC)
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This needs to be reposted EVERYWHERE :)

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Date: 2013-11-19 02:55 am (UTC)
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:D I'm already thinking about what I want to submit. More bookmarks for sure! Maybe I can send some special stickers up or something. I love the premier idea btw!

I'm still sad it's never in my budget to actually go to one of this conventions though :(