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The Escapade Art Show wants YOU to submit something this year! Everybody's got a talent and this is a great way to share the joy! The art show has traditionally hosted some fabulous 2D art and I'd like that to continue! But also! I'd like to encourage an even broader definition of fan art! We're a talented group with a wide variety of interests - let's celebrate!

Need some ideas?
* Are you a cook? Bake cookies in the shape of Thor's hammer! Make a booklet of recipes inspired by your favorite show!
* Are you a knitter? Fingerless gloves with the Teen Wolf triskele on them would be awesome! BBC Sherlock's blue-on-blue strip scarf would be lovely! A beanie hat with Daleks on it would be super cute!
* Do you have a bunch of random film & television magazines lying around? Make a collage celebrating your favorite actors! Decoupage a bunch of pics onto a cardboard box to make a super-cool keepsake box.
* Artistic abilities peaked in elementary school? Illustrate your OTP using macaroni and crayons! Crack - it's not just for fanfic anymore!
* Not interested in knick-knacks? Consider a performance art piece! With the new hotel it looks like there will be space for all sorts of shenanigans! Let's make this the most avant-garde of art shows!
* Entirely digital these days? Make a gif-set and we'll figure out a way to display it so everyone can bask in your genius! The art show wants to celebrate all kinds of art!
* Not willing to part with the fabulous thing you just made? That's OK! The art show welcomes art even if it's for display only.
* Not enough time before the con? Offer your services to make something for the highest bidder! Just give us a piece of paper describing what sort of commissions you're willing to offer (art, vid, gif, etc) and in what fandoms. Feel free to provide a link to your website or even a hard copy portfolio that we'll display to give people an idea of what you can do!