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Penguins dressed up as artists, kissing

The Escapade Art Show wants YOU to submit something this year! Everybody's got a talent and this is a great way to share the joy!

Need some ideas? Check out the Virtual Art Show on Tumblr to see some of the art from last year! (

Mostly, we really want to see people add a fannish twist to the kinds of things they make already: recipe books, underwater woven baskets, crayon drawings on the back of cocktail napkins, etc. We're a talented group with a wide variety of interests - let's celebrate! Everybody can make art! Everybody should make art! (and then submit it to the art show! woo!)
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Here's the art I made for Escapade this year:

six silvery rabbit sculptures
Plot Bunnies

Media: cast pewter
Text: (clockwise from top right) truth spell, robot, sex pollen, amnesia, in space, under cover

silvery shield with raised star
Sheriff's Secret Police Badge

Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Media: cast pewter

colorful toy helipoters on a wooden display stand
Helicopter Spotter's Guide

Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
  • Black = World Government
  • Blue = Sheriff's Secret Police
  • Complex murals depicting birds of prey diving = ????
  • Yellow = Strex Corp
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Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Music: Peaches and Cream (Domestic Science Club)
Summary: Derek has a problem ...
Premiered at Escapade 2014

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The Escapade Art Show wants YOU to submit something this year! Everybody's got a talent and this is a great way to share the joy! The art show has traditionally hosted some fabulous 2D art and I'd like that to continue! But also! I'd like to encourage an even broader definition of fan art! We're a talented group with a wide variety of interests - let's celebrate!

Need some ideas?
* Are you a cook? Bake cookies in the shape of Thor's hammer! Make a booklet of recipes inspired by your favorite show!
* Are you a knitter? Fingerless gloves with the Teen Wolf triskele on them would be awesome! BBC Sherlock's blue-on-blue strip scarf would be lovely! A beanie hat with Daleks on it would be super cute!
* Do you have a bunch of random film & television magazines lying around? Make a collage celebrating your favorite actors! Decoupage a bunch of pics onto a cardboard box to make a super-cool keepsake box.
* Artistic abilities peaked in elementary school? Illustrate your OTP using macaroni and crayons! Crack - it's not just for fanfic anymore!
* Not interested in knick-knacks? Consider a performance art piece! With the new hotel it looks like there will be space for all sorts of shenanigans! Let's make this the most avant-garde of art shows!
* Entirely digital these days? Make a gif-set and we'll figure out a way to display it so everyone can bask in your genius! The art show wants to celebrate all kinds of art!
* Not willing to part with the fabulous thing you just made? That's OK! The art show welcomes art even if it's for display only.
* Not enough time before the con? Offer your services to make something for the highest bidder! Just give us a piece of paper describing what sort of commissions you're willing to offer (art, vid, gif, etc) and in what fandoms. Feel free to provide a link to your website or even a hard copy portfolio that we'll display to give people an idea of what you can do!
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I finally got around to suggesting some panels for Escapade! If you're going to Escapade, you should suggest some too!

If you're not going to Escapade, why not? It's awesome! I, for one, would love to see you there! Especially if you bring something for the Art Show, too! ;)
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Escapade is coming up fast … the end of February is just a little over three months away! That means it's time to start planning the magnificent fanart you'll be bringing to the Art Show! The Escapade art show is a place to share and celebrate fannish and fannish-related art, crafts, merchandise, and other items. Beginner or expert, traditional or new media, all kinds of fan-made art are welcome!

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and on that note, here's some more encouragement! Enjoy!


Dec. 17th, 2012 07:22 pm
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I finally got a spare minute to sit down and register for Escapade (slash convention in SoCal in February). I'm really looking forward to it; it's always an excellent experience!
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Making the Inception sculpture, from 2D concept art to 3D object:

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Here's the Inception sculpture I made for Escapade this year:

I love stylized representations of my fannish squee objects and Inception makes that even easier than most.

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Apr. 1st, 2012 06:59 pm
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Here are two of the pieces I showed at Escapade this year. Community is such an awesome show, and Troy and Abed are so incredibly awesome in it. Also, I continue to improve at bending Adobe Illustrator to my will - woo hoo!

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Mar. 11th, 2012 02:22 pm
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Escapade was awesome, as always! It is super fun to hang out and talk with a bunch of slashers! I have the best of intentions to post an actual con report at some point, but until I manage that, please, have some stick figures showing some things that happened:

Saturday night vid show

Sunday morning auction

The panels and Art Show Gallery Crawl were awesome, too, but since I'm lazy you'll have to just look at last year's pictures for that.
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x-posted to the Escapade comm journals

I had the best intentions of promptly posting write-ups for the two Fanart panels. I've already missed the "promptly" part and I think I'm going to have to pass on the "write-up" part, but at least I should be able to manage the "posting" part.


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I'm currently procrastinating writing up the art-related panels at Escapade. Instead, here are some pictures of the view out of my hotel window and the two fancy outfits I wore.

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I picked up a new fandom this year ([ profile] gloriana is such an enabler!) so I wanted my second piece for the Escapade Art Show to be something from Due South. I also visited the Icon Museum (Ikonen Museum Frankfurt) earlier in the year, and was inspired to try something in a traditional devotional painting style.

Larger image & making-of stories and photos behind the cut:
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As a follow-up from my series of merit badges from last fall, I made a physical set of pins and arranged them in a fancy case to show at this year's Escapade Art Show.
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Trip report
  • Escapade was FANTASTIC! I think it'll be a while before I can be any more coherent than that; it was just that great. I'll be going on a friending frenzy soon with all the wonderful people whose LJ names I can remember so I can attempt to keep tabs on all the mind-bogglingly amazing people I was introduced to this weekend.
  • The MOCA was lame (LA's Museum of Contemporary Art). It was pretty much a bust in terms of SG/GK research, but the day was made worthwhile when I stumbled into Jungle, which is perhaps best described as a Japanese Hot Topic. I had an infinitely better time browsing the art there than at the MOCA, even though the presentation of objects was much more cluttered. ;) I also picked up a cute skeleton bunny patch to add to my suitcase.
  • The MOLAA was awesome (Long Beach's Museum of Latin American Art). I came away with several new favorite artists and a stack of art books that will be heavy influences on Camelot's aesthetic.

SG/GK update
I had planned to post a photo collage of inspirations for the visual look of the book, but I have more to add and am not quite ready to share. In its place here's an expanded look at Section 1 of the poem. Under each stanza summary line I've listed:
  • the core idea that I want to communicate with the visuals for that stanza, and
  • a description of what that image might look like. The little stick figure storyboards I've been drawing are too embarrassing to ever see the light of day, so these descriptions will just have to serve until I can start the Barbie doll storyboards.

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Since my last art post, I finished a few commissions for that wonderful enabler, [ profile] snapetoy, helped Team Angst pull off a Silver Medal in the 2007 Snarry Games, and made some Firefly giftart as part of the Yuletart festivities.

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In other fannish news, I've registered for Escapade, a convention in SoCal in March. I just couldn't resist an event billing itself as "The slash slumber party!" I don't really know what to expect, but I'm sure it will be great.