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For April Showers 2014 (cross-posted on AO3)

OTW projects, My Little Pony style:

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Apr. 17th, 2014 07:45 pm
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My brother finally got around to seeing Pacific Rim last night, so I was reminded of these doodles from a couple of months ago. I was having fun with fancy watercolor brushes in Illustrator, but then apparently forgot to post them. I think they turned out pretty cute, though. :)

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Here's the art I made for Escapade this year:

six silvery rabbit sculptures
Plot Bunnies

Media: cast pewter
Text: (clockwise from top right) truth spell, robot, sex pollen, amnesia, in space, under cover

silvery shield with raised star
Sheriff's Secret Police Badge

Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Media: cast pewter

colorful toy helipoters on a wooden display stand
Helicopter Spotter's Guide

Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
  • Black = World Government
  • Blue = Sheriff's Secret Police
  • Complex murals depicting birds of prey diving = ????
  • Yellow = Strex Corp
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I attended WorldCon for the first time this year. It was a good excuse to go to San Antonio and hang out with friends. I have a lot of thoughts on the convention ... there were good parts and bad parts but I'll leave the details for another time.

Our movie group obtained a small space in the art show. For my contribution, I did a mash-up of Chinese paper cutting styles and classic SF subjects. Enjoy!

gentleman_cthulhu godzilla_parasol robot_cutie red_rocket
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I had a whole list of things I was going to do today. I did make some progress, but then in the evening I got distracted:
IMG_8106a IMG_8087a IMG_8130a

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I've uploaded my fan art to Flickr! It didn't take as long as I feared ... obviously that means I need to make more art! ;) Anyway, now it's all viewable in one big lump. Woo hoo!

Thumbnails of 88 pieces of fanart by Naked Bee

I noticed my LJ scrapbook albums had gotten all scrambled in the latest site upgrade, so I decided it was high time to figure out a new hosting strategy. I'm going to try Flickr for hosting instead of LJ - so far it's much easier to use!

I haven't gone back and edited links in any past journal posts yet ... the original links seem to have survived the upgrade intact so hopefully I've got more time before those start to rot, too. I also haven't added any descriptions to the images on Flickr beyond whatever file name they already happened to have. I'll try to procrastinate a while longer; maybe I can migrate over to AO3 at some point ...
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I'm just a crazy art machine lately. Also, it turns out that ponies are fun and easy to draw.

Hence, these hockey players drawn as My Little Ponies!

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Two exciting things happened this week:
1) I got a copy of Excel for my Mac at home!
2) The Hockey RPF tag on AO3 hit 1,000 works!

In celebration, I made a graph. Woo hoo!

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Hockey obsession continues.

[personal profile] impertinence mentioned she'd just finished a "mail order Geno" fic and I was so inspired I opened up Illustrator right then and made this. I figured I should finish it quickly, since the actual fic when posted will probably not involve Geno in full gear popping out of a cardboard box, but this way I can plead ignorance. :)

ETA: The fic is posted! And it's even more awesome than I'd dreamed! Go read!

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Making the Inception sculpture, from 2D concept art to 3D object:

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Here's the Inception sculpture I made for Escapade this year:

I love stylized representations of my fannish squee objects and Inception makes that even easier than most.

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Apr. 1st, 2012 06:59 pm
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Here are two of the pieces I showed at Escapade this year. Community is such an awesome show, and Troy and Abed are so incredibly awesome in it. Also, I continue to improve at bending Adobe Illustrator to my will - woo hoo!

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I had a lot of fun making this. I'm sure Tufte would be proud.

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Playing dress-up is pretty much my favorite thing ever.

In this first set of photos, I think my only excuse is that I've been watching Life on Mars recently and so was really excited about the 70s-era-cop-show look.

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