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Dec. 8th, 2018 03:23 pm
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Just making sure I remember how to log in. :) I have grand dreams of regular posting, but I am a lurker at heart so we'll see what actually happens.
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Penguins dressed up as artists, kissing

The Escapade Art Show wants YOU to submit something this year! Everybody's got a talent and this is a great way to share the joy!

Need some ideas? Check out the Virtual Art Show on Tumblr to see some of the art from last year! (http://escapadecon.tumblr.com/tagged/Escapade-Art-Show)

Mostly, we really want to see people add a fannish twist to the kinds of things they make already: recipe books, underwater woven baskets, crayon drawings on the back of cocktail napkins, etc. We're a talented group with a wide variety of interests - let's celebrate! Everybody can make art! Everybody should make art! (and then submit it to the art show! woo!)
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For April Showers 2014 (cross-posted on AO3)

OTW projects, My Little Pony style:

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Apr. 17th, 2014 07:45 pm
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My brother finally got around to seeing Pacific Rim last night, so I was reminded of these doodles from a couple of months ago. I was having fun with fancy watercolor brushes in Illustrator, but then apparently forgot to post them. I think they turned out pretty cute, though. :)

(click through images for full size versions)




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Here's the art I made for Escapade this year:

six silvery rabbit sculptures
Plot Bunnies

Media: cast pewter
Text: (clockwise from top right) truth spell, robot, sex pollen, amnesia, in space, under cover

silvery shield with raised star
Sheriff's Secret Police Badge

Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Media: cast pewter

colorful toy helipoters on a wooden display stand
Helicopter Spotter's Guide

Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
  • Black = World Government
  • Blue = Sheriff's Secret Police
  • Complex murals depicting birds of prey diving = ????
  • Yellow = Strex Corp
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Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Music: Peaches and Cream (Domestic Science Club)
Summary: Derek has a problem ...
Premiered at Escapade 2014

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Fandom: Green Hornet (2011)
Music: Paul Revere (Asylum Street Spankers - lounge cover)
Summary: It started way back in history with Britt, Lenore, and me - Kato
Notes: Beta by the wonderful [personal profile] barbana. Vid made for [personal profile] caramarie. Happy Festivids, Cara Marie!

Movie recs

Jan. 24th, 2014 04:19 pm
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In response to a tumblr post, I compiled a list of my favorite non-angsty queer films. Here it is!

  • Four More Years - conservative politician/liberal politician, super slashy feel (when I learned it was written & directed by a woman I realized that was probably a big factor in why I liked it so much)
  • Bear City - cub/glam bear, super sweet romcom
  • Plan B - straight guy / bi guy, fake-flirting-turned-real

  • D.E.B.S - secret agent / international jewel thief, my favorite movie of all time!!
  • Leading Ladies - established dancer / newbie dancer, cute!
  • The Sleeping Beauty of East Finchley - friendly nurse / shy singer, uplifting
  • Bloomington - professor/student, nice slashy vibe and geeky subplot
  • Who's Afraid of Vagina Wolf? - filmmaker/camera woman, lots of art feels
  • Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same - shop clerk/space alien, fun mash-up of indie film & 50s sci-fi

and more!
(films that aren't rom-coms but aren't serious dramas either)
  • Madame X - fantastic action flick featuring drag queen superheroes
  • Bite Marks - lo-fi vampire horror comedy featuring gay hitchhikers
  • The Baby Formula - fun premise! a lesbian couple try out an experimental technology to combine their genes but for reasons of plot they both end up pregnant at the same time!
  • Private Romeo - this is the angstiest one on the list (it's a Romeo & Juliet AU set in a military high school) but it's fantastic! and it's got a happy/hopeful ending so I'm including it anyway
  • Britney Baby One More Time - cross-dressing road trip shenanigans
  • Yes Nurse No Nurse - gorgeously camp remake of a children's show
  • Wu Yen - Hong Kong period comedy starring three female actresses as: the warrior princess, the emperor who loves her, and the gender-switching fairy spirit who tries to seduce them both!
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The Escapade Art Show wants YOU to submit something this year! Everybody's got a talent and this is a great way to share the joy! The art show has traditionally hosted some fabulous 2D art and I'd like that to continue! But also! I'd like to encourage an even broader definition of fan art! We're a talented group with a wide variety of interests - let's celebrate!

Need some ideas?
* Are you a cook? Bake cookies in the shape of Thor's hammer! Make a booklet of recipes inspired by your favorite show!
* Are you a knitter? Fingerless gloves with the Teen Wolf triskele on them would be awesome! BBC Sherlock's blue-on-blue strip scarf would be lovely! A beanie hat with Daleks on it would be super cute!
* Do you have a bunch of random film & television magazines lying around? Make a collage celebrating your favorite actors! Decoupage a bunch of pics onto a cardboard box to make a super-cool keepsake box.
* Artistic abilities peaked in elementary school? Illustrate your OTP using macaroni and crayons! Crack - it's not just for fanfic anymore!
* Not interested in knick-knacks? Consider a performance art piece! With the new hotel it looks like there will be space for all sorts of shenanigans! Let's make this the most avant-garde of art shows!
* Entirely digital these days? Make a gif-set and we'll figure out a way to display it so everyone can bask in your genius! The art show wants to celebrate all kinds of art!
* Not willing to part with the fabulous thing you just made? That's OK! The art show welcomes art even if it's for display only.
* Not enough time before the con? Offer your services to make something for the highest bidder! Just give us a piece of paper describing what sort of commissions you're willing to offer (art, vid, gif, etc) and in what fandoms. Feel free to provide a link to your website or even a hard copy portfolio that we'll display to give people an idea of what you can do!
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I finally got around to suggesting some panels for Escapade! If you're going to Escapade, you should suggest some too!

If you're not going to Escapade, why not? It's awesome! I, for one, would love to see you there! Especially if you bring something for the Art Show, too! ;)
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Escapade is coming up fast … the end of February is just a little over three months away! That means it's time to start planning the magnificent fanart you'll be bringing to the Art Show! The Escapade art show is a place to share and celebrate fannish and fannish-related art, crafts, merchandise, and other items. Beginner or expert, traditional or new media, all kinds of fan-made art are welcome!

more art blather )
and on that note, here's some more encouragement! Enjoy!
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Dear Festividder,

I'm so excited to be participating in Festivids this year! I know I will be happy with whatever you make for any of the fandoms below.

The list:
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
The Dresden Files
Ghost Dog
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

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Oct. 19th, 2013 02:53 pm
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I just signed up for Festivids! I'm equal parts excited and scared. Woo hoo! Now I need to work on a letter.
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I attended WorldCon for the first time this year. It was a good excuse to go to San Antonio and hang out with friends. I have a lot of thoughts on the convention ... there were good parts and bad parts but I'll leave the details for another time.

Our movie group obtained a small space in the art show. For my contribution, I did a mash-up of Chinese paper cutting styles and classic SF subjects. Enjoy!

gentleman_cthulhu godzilla_parasol robot_cutie red_rocket
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Music: The Party, by Regina Spektor
Fandom: Harold & Kumar Trilogy
Summary: You're such a mess, but you're so fun!
Notes: Shown at Vividcon 2013. Thanks to [personal profile] anoel for giving me the initial kick to submit something to the con even though I wasn't able to attend in person! Thanks to my fabulous vid beta, [livejournal.com profile] barbana, for making the vid so much better than it was before!

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The 37th Frameline LGBT film festival was awesome! This year was a great one for documentaries; lots of really fantastic films!

Short list of favorites here, brief reviews of everything I saw below the cut.

Favorite Documentaries:
  • The Secret Disco Revolution - just like it sounds, an alternative history of Disco and it's surprisingly subversive effect on culture, politics, and the music industry

  • I Am Divine - a fantastic biopic of Harris Glenn Milstead, of John Waters' movie fame

  • The Battle of AmFAR - all about my new hero, scientist-activist Dr Krim and her partner-in-AIDS-work, Elizabeth Taylor

  • Out Here: the Queer Farmer Film Project - simple and powerful interviews with queer farmers around the country

  • Interior. Leather Bar. - a thoughtful and experimental exploration of identity, sexuality, art, and perception; reminiscent of Exit Through the Gift Shop

  • Ian Harvie Superhero - ridiculously funny transman stand-up comedy concert film

Favorite Feature:
Burning Blue - like Top Gun, but with more realistic and tragic gayness

Favorite Short:
The Man That Got Away - singing and dancing and tragedy, oh my!

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A friend I had lost touch with contacted me a few months ago with some questions about the Earnest photo book. He and his wife had been fellow members of a writer's group type thing where we all shared our creative projects. There was a novel, a murder mystery dinner, a children's book, the Earnest book, and other projects. It was super fun and provided critical motivation and guidance for the formative stages of the book. The questions were thought-provoking and I had a surprisingly good time reliving old memories and making up answers!

Answers below the cut ... )
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Gawain books

I finished editing the images for the Sir Gawain and the Green Knight photobook! The English translation is far from finished, but the Middle English version is done. Whew! To be entirely accurate, I actually finished editing last February, figured out printing stuff in May and the book's been available on Lulu since July of last year, but I hadn't managed to get up the gumption to make an official announcement until now. I am such a procrastinator. I know this about myself, but sometimes it's surprising how easy it is.

For that small handful of people who might actually want to own a copy, the book is available through Lulu!

If you want to learn more about the project, the production diary can be found on my journal under the project_bravo tag. Looking back at the first entry, it's hard to believe it's been 5 years since it started … time sure goes by fast! Thank you to everyone who helped with the project and also for being so patient as we continue to creep ever so slowly towards the final version.