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I Am Your Image Dressed As the World is a hauntingly beautiful SGA fic by [ profile] mirabile_dictu that I think everyone should read. It's one of the ones I go back and re-read whenever I'm in an SGA mood.

The reason I bring it up is that (because as good as my intentions are, I never actually seem to get around to doing a pure recs post) I've been slowly creeping up the learning curve for Adobe Illustrator and decided to tackle a scene from the above. The image I came up with is a big honking spoiler for the absolutely joyous ending, so I've cropped the thumbnail pic carefully and I recommend reading the story first before clicking.

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When re-reading the story to refresh my memory, I was reminded of another scene from the same fic that's indelibly seared in my memory. This one isn't spoilery (it happens on the first page) so click away!

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Have I mentioned how entranced I am by genderswap AUs? I love it when a plot device suddenly changes someones gender. I adore it when we're in an alternate universe where they've always been girls. I find it fascinating when it is revealed that their biological gender and their gender presentation don't match.

Under the cut are the 5 pieces of art I created for Con.Txt ('cause I only seem to make things on a deadline these days). As will be apparent, I got a little obsessed with the idea of McKay and Sheppard as girls. :) Enjoy!

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Jun. 12th, 2010 10:29 am
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I made this in an evening using sharpies, paint, a few plastic containers from the recycle bin, and lots and lots of clear tape. It's pretty fragile, but it sure does photograph well, doesn't it?

The original impetus for making this was a prop in an upcoming photoshoot. It was surprisingly fun to do, so I'm also thinking it's time to resurrect a silicone casting project I've been toying with off and on ever since [personal profile] arallara first mentioned it. I've still got to figure out what to use for a light source, but the sculpting and coloring parts seem less intimidating now.
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I decided to mark one of my obsessions this year by making a few Stargate Atlantis-themed Christmas ornaments. Merry Christmas!

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