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I had a whole list of things I was going to do today. I did make some progress, but then in the evening I got distracted:
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Ready for the fair in our colorful costumes:

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Playing dress-up is pretty much my favorite thing ever.

In this first set of photos, I think my only excuse is that I've been watching Life on Mars recently and so was really excited about the 70s-era-cop-show look.

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Don't we look awesome?

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I'd add more text to this post, but the second disc of Community Season 2 is calling me!
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I love doing photoshoots! A few weeks ago my marvelous model came over and we played dress up all day, resulting in a slew of exciting new photos.

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I'm currently procrastinating writing up the art-related panels at Escapade. Instead, here are some pictures of the view out of my hotel window and the two fancy outfits I wore.

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It's always delightful when a houseguest brings a gift. It's even better (at least from my point of view) when the gift in question is a Princess Leia bikini and comes with the condition that I do a photoshoot with the gifter!

More photos over in my LJ Scrapbook
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It's that time of year again and I've spent the last few weeks sewing merrily away at some costumes for Chrysa's Mad Tea Party. This year I made bits for the Queen of Hearts, the White Queen, the Mock Turtle, and the Lobster Quadrille!
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Way back in 2006 I did a photoshoot that I'm just now getting around to posting. The backstory is here. I posted the first picture (Bellhop), but after that I slacked off and never got around to photoshopping the rest of them. Then my models decided to go on strike and told me that I didn't get to do any more dress-up photoshoots until I'd cleared out the backlog. So, after much procrastination, here they are in one huge post (dial-up users beware)!

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A few weeks ago I finally got a chance to photograph a friend of mine in some of her vintage finery. I'm really excited that so many of them turned out well. I'm still getting used to my new camera, but this session gave me a lot of well-needed practice. :)

There are a few small images behind the cut, with more to be found by clicking through to the scrapbook gallery.

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My housemate and I dressed up to attend a Deathly Hallows book release party Friday night. I'm on the left sporting a sort of kinky boots Ravenclaw look, while D looks fierce as Tonks.

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Me and Mr. Bee in our movie-going finery. (theme of the evening: star-crossed Gryff/Slyth romance)

We had a great time at the midnight showing last night and have already arranged to see it again when our housemate D gets back in town! If our plans come together, we'll be sporting fabulous full-face paint jobs for that showing. Our awesome face painter friend has some new HP-themed designs she wants to try out and we are her willing guinea pigs.
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I've decided I don't post enough. Honestly that's unlikely to change long term, but I figured I could manage a short binge. Here we go!

I recently completed a trio of Alice in Wonderland costumes that I'm really proud of.

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