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Kudos by Hits

I revisited the data I'd collected for my earlier post and generated a ton of graphs. So many fascinating patterns in the data! I feel like I could take over the world armed with little more than regular expressions and Excel. Woo!

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I'm just a crazy art machine lately. Also, it turns out that ponies are fun and easy to draw.

Hence, these hockey players drawn as My Little Ponies!

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Two exciting things happened this week:
1) I got a copy of Excel for my Mac at home!
2) The Hockey RPF tag on AO3 hit 1,000 works!

In celebration, I made a graph. Woo hoo!

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Hockey obsession continues.

[personal profile] impertinence mentioned she'd just finished a "mail order Geno" fic and I was so inspired I opened up Illustrator right then and made this. I figured I should finish it quickly, since the actual fic when posted will probably not involve Geno in full gear popping out of a cardboard box, but this way I can plead ignorance. :)

ETA: The fic is posted! And it's even more awesome than I'd dreamed! Go read!

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