Jul. 8th, 2013

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The 37th Frameline LGBT film festival was awesome! This year was a great one for documentaries; lots of really fantastic films!

Short list of favorites here, brief reviews of everything I saw below the cut.

Favorite Documentaries:
  • The Secret Disco Revolution - just like it sounds, an alternative history of Disco and it's surprisingly subversive effect on culture, politics, and the music industry

  • I Am Divine - a fantastic biopic of Harris Glenn Milstead, of John Waters' movie fame

  • The Battle of AmFAR - all about my new hero, scientist-activist Dr Krim and her partner-in-AIDS-work, Elizabeth Taylor

  • Out Here: the Queer Farmer Film Project - simple and powerful interviews with queer farmers around the country

  • Interior. Leather Bar. - a thoughtful and experimental exploration of identity, sexuality, art, and perception; reminiscent of Exit Through the Gift Shop

  • Ian Harvie Superhero - ridiculously funny transman stand-up comedy concert film

Favorite Feature:
Burning Blue - like Top Gun, but with more realistic and tragic gayness

Favorite Short:
The Man That Got Away - singing and dancing and tragedy, oh my!

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