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The second draft is now 40% complete!

I've made pretty decent progress, but haven't quite finished all of the photoshopping for section 2 yet. The easy stuff is done (yay!), but there are still 5 hard spreads left: the chapel stuff and the High Desert exteriors. I think I'll probably move on to section 3 and them come back to them later, hopefully with more inspiration.

In the meantime, here are a half dozen work safe pages from section 2:

Pic spam!

pages 52-53: Day of the Dead Feast in Camelot

Looking at these photos always makes me hungry ... good thing there's a Mexican bakery nearby so I can satisfy my pastry cravings!

pages 56-57: Gawain outside the church after a farewell mass; Gawain and Gringolet packing for the trip

Bishop Badewyn's outfit still fills me with delight. The world needs more rainbow mitres. The right-hand page is filled with cuteness, especially Gringolet packing her little stuffed horse in the cargo compartment of the sled.

pages 58-59:Gawain harnessing Gringolet to the sled

Ooooh, landscape.

pages 62-63:Camelot folk wave goodbye as Gawain drives off

Abundant palm trees help sell the idea that Camelot is in SoCal.

pages 78-79:Gawain enjoys the hospitality of the High Desert

More food porn!

pages 94-95:Gawain and the Host stay up late into the night, drinking and laughing

Finally, a moderately slashy bit!