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I just realized it's been over a year since my last update! Scandalous!

Here's a long-overdue progress report:

In brief:
* revised the initial letters at the beginning of each fytte (Jul 2010)
* revised the difficult pages I'd skipped on my initial run-through (Sep-Oct 2010)
* revised the cover, front matter, and back matter (Oct 2010)
* had the second draft hard copy printed (Oct 2010)
* took new photos for High Desert exteriors: wall & castle (Dec 2010)
* photoshopped the High Desert Exteriors (Jan 2011)
* took a break, meanwhile circulating the book among others to get feedback (Jan 2010-present)
* next step = incorporate feedback into 3rd draft!

In extraneous detail:
When I started this post, I was really quite shocked at myself for having been such a slacker! Seeing that my last post on Gawain had been in May 2010, I assumed that had been the last time I'd worked on it and I just couldn't imagine where all the time had gone ... except of course I could imagine it very well, since I'd just spent a couple hours after coming home immersed in some juicy new fic on my Kindle, far away from my desktop. :)

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to browse through the datestamps on the files in my Gawain folders to find that I had done a lot of work that I just didn't really remember. I dearly love that feeling (of having accomplished more than I expected) because all too often it seems to happen the other way around, which is much less pleasant.

Finishing the second draft and having a hard copy printed totally should have warranted a post. I wonder what I was doing then? Ah! I suspect I got distracted by my Harry Potter movie preparations and/or didn't want to disrupt the flow of posting the merit badges. Yup, that sounds like something I would do.

Anyway, if I had made a post in October it would have been something about how it's so exciting to see the book printed out ... it always makes it seem so much more real! Also, it makes the errors jump off the page, which is really helpful for revising.

In order to fulfill my subheading claim of extraneous detail, I'm C&P-ing the notes I made right after completing the draft. This gives a good sense of the kind of things I'll be fixing whenever I start working on images for the 3rd draft.

things to still to fix after 101028 draft
-- front

-- fytte 1
looking good

-- fytte 2
# punted with daylight version p82 ... pretty close to OK, actually ... fix frame and keep working
# punted with daylight version p83 - needs photoshop (or radical re-layout)
# punted with daylight version p84 - needs photoshop (or radical re-layout)
also consider trying again to do the day-for-night photoshop

-- fytte 3
p98 clean up/add chain and it's pretty close to good to go
p114 clean up PS haze on right side of severed neck
p115 a little too washed out ... try bluer rather than golder
p119 mass looks good but perhaps a little more late night than early morning ... optional fix
p122 spear shot is quite blurry / light ... fix and/or consider removing
p134-5-6 work on making the head more realistic
p137 a little too enthusiastic on the yellow lamp light on the left of the 2nd kiss photo ... redo
p141 do try to shop the chest thingy a little so the skin meets it better .. maybe some glow somewhere?
p161 a little too light (esp 2nd to last) ... make more like 162
p162-163 more consistency in boar color ... i like 3rd (orangiest) one best

-- fytte 4
p169 try putting part of the lamp into the 2nd pic .. just to the right of Gawain's head
p171 take new photo of mirror ... since it was ps'd anyway, might as well have crisp mirror edges
p172 tweak window slightly ... it's almost right
p173 ... pillow'd window behind L looks odd ... black out
p174 way too fuzzy - try to do an earnest pass
p186 tone down blues in top left ... will help tie it in better
p188 a little light ... strengthen colors (p190 bottom is perfect)
p194 hard to see scratch ... maybe fake move collar a little to the left or scratch a little to the right

-- back
credits page - update aliases round 2

Then it appears I took a break for the holidays - Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all seem to happen in a big whirl and I'm always hectically busy then. I think I also had the justification that I was waiting for it to look like winter outside, so I could re-shoot the High Desert Exteriors. The building I'd planned to use just wasn't working and the surrounding greenery in some photos seemed way too lush for the late December setting of that part of the book. As it turns out, most of the trees were evergreens anyway, but at least now I know that they are for sure. The vines on the wall turned satisfyingly grey and dried-looking, though, so that was worth it. Also, the new building looks great, so I'm really happy I switched.

Looking at the datestamps again, it seems I had a very productive time between Christmas and New Year's Eve ... I took a bunch of photos and then pasted them in. The High Desert scenes look less and less like my backyard with every pass!

9 thumbnail pages

After finishing up those photos, I decided to take a break from looking at the book (although I think I meant it to be a shorter one ... oh well!). Others have been looking it over in the meantime and now I'm finally ready to get back into it and start incorporating their feedback.

In related news, [ profile] mister_b33 has started his sabbatical year! His plans include working on the Middle English-to-English translation for the book (along with other, unrelated fun things). It still seems likely that the images will be done before the words, but my head start is a lot smaller than it used to be. Woo hoo! The race is on!