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The second draft is now almost complete!

pix under cut, all work safe

I've now done a first-pass photoshop of most of the pages. Yay! I still need to figure out what I'm doing for the High Desert exteriors. I also need to revise the initial letter pages at the beginning of each section as well as the front and back matter (intro, credits, etc). Then the second draft will be done and I can do another hard copy print, which is exciting. The translation still has a long way to go, but maybe that means we'll publish a Middle English version first for the handful of people who might be able to read it. :)

On to the selected pages from this section!

pages 168-169
Gawain wakes up on the first day of the new year and prepares to have his head chopped off.

pages 176-177
The guide say's he'll go no further, but points out where the Green Knight can be found in the valley below.

pages 182-183
Gawain leaves Gringolet and the cart a safe distance away and proceeds toward the weird structure that must be the Green Chapel (but really isn't what he expected).

pages 190-191
The Green Knight almost (but not quite) chops Gawain's head off.

pages 200-201 smooch
Yay! Smooches!