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We trekked out to Adelanto, CA last weekend to get the campfire shot. It was super windy, which made for some difficulties on getting the fire lit, but the indomitable crew eventually prevailed.

Progress continues on the book as I slowly get through the last few photographs. At this point I've only got two left - one more with models and one that's just a building exterior with no people. Whee! I'm also re-starting work on the layout, experimenting with backgrounds and fonts and such. Picking out colors is surprisingly hard. I'm especially struggling to find a good blue and bronze combo.

On to the pages: large images ahead!

I really love the way joshua trees look. It was totally worth dragging everyone along for the 6+ hour drive to get that shot.

Page 68: Campfire

And here's the intro/frame story bit before the live action stuff starts:

Page 6-7: Troy is destroyed, Aeneas conquers what's left

Page 8-9: New provinces are established, including Britain

Page 10-11: Listen now to the adventures of King Arthur (most famous of Britain's rulers)